November 15th, 2007

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Frank Phillips, R.I.P.

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My Dad, Frank Phillips (b. 1926), died yesterday, Wednesday November 14, 2007. He was ailing only the last nine days of his life, and passed even them rather easefully, thanks to fine hospice care and the attentions of his family. He lived and died with an unassuming heroism, and will be sorely missed.

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Cool bookmark

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Found this in a recent used-book purchase. Pretty groovy, isn't it? So reminiscent of a vanished era. I note with a little googling that there was once a publisher named Concord Books. I wonder if this was their retail outlet...?

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Thankful, Legend, etc.

Three things I'm gonna be thankful for this year...

My Honduran friends in Miskitia all survived a very bad year...

Only one more year of George Bush....

Notre Dame stands to lose its 10th game this weekend. It don't get much better than that. (I've been very restrained about football, but this warrants a Hell, Yeah!)


I gotta admit, the new I Am Legend trailer (the one with the lion) looks cool. Could this possibly be a good movie? It doesn't have to do much to be the best I Am Legend movie ever. and I'm already thinking it's a lock for that. I just hope there's no love interest, no real one, 'cause that'll blow it.

I just found out I'll be spending New Years in Vegas, which should be interesting. I'll be there for the Liddell-Vanderleigh Silva fight. Spending any holiday in Vegas strikes me as apocalyptic, but I guess New Years makes some sense. Anyhow, New Years Day, I'll be in the Sports Book.


As mentioned previously, I'll be reading with Matt Cheney at KGBs in New York next Wednesday. I'll be reading from "Halloween Town," something of a departure for me...sort of blue collar fairy tale. See you there, maybe...