November 19th, 2007

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Jack Gaughan

I grew up on the wonderful artwork of Jack Gaughan, on book covers and in magazines.

Lovely stuff, exciting, instantly recognizable. Spotting his whimsical signature--the J and G intertwined--always gave my heart a lift.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet the man, even when I became a pro. But the six-degrees-of-separation nature of the universe did allow a connection. Jack's daughter, Norah Gaughan, is a knitwear designer like my Deborah, and it was their paths that intersected when Norah lived in Providence.

Here's one of Norah's own books:

I recently picked up this magazine and discovered that every interior illo was by JG--seventeen in all. He probably banged them out between six covers for Donald Wollheim.

Not every illo bears his signature, but I think their origin is undeniable.

The past twenty years since his death have seen JG's star eclipsed. He was a great craftsman who contributed much to the field, yet no books dedicated to him exist. His work lies uncollected.

In lieu of such compilations, here are those illos.

Posted by Paul DiFi.