November 27th, 2007

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See you next summer!

In keeping with the beach theme of this blog, here's a couple of minutes of scenes of average folks frolicking at a Rhode Island beach that Deborah and I have been visiting since childhood. We were just there to celebrate her birthday in August, and we also took Richard and Marina Bleiler there in late September.

Only six more months till May swimming!

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Magic catalogue 3

[And clicky makes big]

BUNCO BILLS: does any performer anywhere still wear a derby hat in their act?

CANDLE DE-LITE: how many pants were set on fire with this?

POLKA DOT BALLOON: "Here is the really big one, the effective one!"

RICK-E-RABBIT: no actual rabbits were hurt in the making of this gimmick.

JUNIOR BOWL ON TRAY: goldfish swallowing optional.

SPLINTER FROM HAND: makes strong men faint and women scream!

Posted by Paul DiFi.