November 28th, 2007

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"No throw trash in the sea!"

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I stepped out of my house this morning, en route to the corner mailbox, and found several of these posters--apparently all scrupulously hand-done, unless they're good color xeroxes--affixed with pushpins to telephone poles.

Thinking of some kid being motivated enough to draw these and hang them up brightens my day.

"No throw trash in the sea!" Good advice.

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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Lesser-known Icons 30

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* If I ever go to "Ztorg Island," I will surely look for "Mr. Electrolite."

* That gleefully evil garbage disposal is just waiting for an unwary hand in search of a dropped wedding ring.

* Don't you feel an urge to ram your fist through the slatted body of the "Perm-a-lator"?

* Does Dairy Queen currently have a mascot? If not, please bring back child Eskimo.

* Does the image of a blue jay pecking the corns out of your feet appeal?

* I will never, ever say anything harsh about Laughing Safety Bear. He is perhaps my personal favorite in thirty installments of this series.

Posted by Paul DiFi.