December 2nd, 2007

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Eulogy for Frank Phillips

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Left to right: Claire Louise, my Mom; Grizzly the Peekapoo, since deceased; my brother Bob; his daughter Kristen; my brother Frank Jr.; Frank Sr.; Paul DiFi.

Here's the eulogy I delivered at my Dad's funeral yesterday.


My father, Frank Phillips, Sr., died as he had always lived. With intelligence and humor, calmness and acceptance, strength and courage, at the center of his family. Even in his final hard days, when just lying in bed was all he could manage, he still showed compassion and concern for others--mixed with a little bit of his trademark irony and gruffness. What was pretty much his final meal consisted of some of his favorite mashed potatoes and gravy. As I tried to help him spoon up the food, he gave me a familiar stern look and said, “I can feed myself!”

But however well-composed and characteristic his dying was, we are here this morning to remember not those final days but his whole long life leading up to the end. And I have to say that I feel totally inadequate to make such a summary in such a short time, as I think any of us would feel. How can a few sentences cover all the years of his life?

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