December 9th, 2007

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Magic catalogue 6


* SENSATIONAL CARD WATCH: isn't that illo promising a little more hypnotic power than the watch really delivers?

* SHOW LACE: the first time you try it on a person's neck and fail, you garrote them!

* KEG OF PLENTY: How is that drunken rabbit going to perform now?

* THE FAMOUS PRESTO CLOCK: Who are the magicians mentioned here?

Al Flosso:

Johnny Giordmaine:

Richard Himber:

* DELUXE CARD CATCHING DEVICE: "Works every time just the way you want it."


Posted by Paul DiFi.

The Genius of Channel 20

Some time ago, mention was made on this blog of Count Gore de Vol, and also Captain 20, both of whom were "played" by the same actor, Dick Dyszel (who also had a stint as Bozo), and featured on Channel 20, the DC area UHF channel that carried Ultraman, Speed Racer, Marine Boy, Kimba the White Lion, and countless other great shows that I devoured in my adolescence and remember fondly now as I elide gracefully into senescence. Or is it obsolescence. Excrescence? Whatever.

Anyway, little did I dream that the Count was still going strong after so many years. But it's true. It goes without saying that he's on MySpace. And he's not only got his own Internet site, he's got his own Internet radio show at 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays. And a ton of stuff on, including this interview with Neil Gaiman! Cousin Liz, how come he hasn't interviewed you yet?

In his spare time, he hypnotizes, drawing on his dark vampiric powers, no doubt!

Count, thanks for all those weird memories of late-night Creature Feature madness!

posted by paulw