December 11th, 2007

  • pgdf

Influence the future!

It's fun to have friends of all stripes. One of my oldest and best pals works in Silicon Valley. For the moment, he shall remain nameless. But he's asked me to post the following message here, and I do so with the indulgence of the audience. I think it might be fun for folks to have a say in a new product.


"My new company has a survey. It is exceedingly short. I can't imagine it would take anyone more than a max of two minutes to complete, and most people will complete it in about *one* minute. It concerns my new venture, a high-tech Web- and mobile-phone software company. We are trying to get a wider perspective on a name for our service, where the name wouldn't be so parochial to a Silicon Valley worldview. To accomplish this we have narrowed down the field to fourteen possible names, and are trying to get a diverse set of people from all over the world to, in effect, vote on which names they like and don't like. It only takes about a minute to do the online survey. If you feel like it, just go to

"When you take it, try to take it quickly and without over-analyzing it. Just react to each name. Keep it light and emotional. I'm told that whenever people get analytical they tend to simply hate all the names for various reasons and that just isn't useful -- whether it is warranted or not! Thanks!"


I'll just echo that "Thanks!"