December 14th, 2007

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Magic catalogue 7

[Click at will!]

I want to write a story wherein the protagonist orders stuff like this from an old magic catalogue--and everything works as advertised, by real magic!


UNIQUE CARD RISE CHEST: X-ray unit inside turns magician's hand to bones!

LIGHT AND HEAVY GLASS: I work this trick all the time: the more I drink, the lighter the glass gets. Or does it get heavier? I forget now.....

DIAL-X: For x-treme tedium!

DAGGER LIVESTOCK VANISH: Isn't that the title of an early Lucius Shepard story? The call letters of an amped-up jet pilot fighting the war in Central America?

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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Plane Dumb

John Crowley has commented on the casual racism that surfaces at points in these VAN BEUREN TOM AND JERRY cartoons, and in this installment such unthinking bigotry takes center stage. This one is not as clever or funny as the others either. Still, we need to see the whole range to gauge them properly.

Posted by Paul DiFi.