December 18th, 2007

  • pgdf

Living--and writing--off the grid

Perhaps some of you readers are aware of the fiction of Uncle River, whose stories appear regularly in ANALOG and elsewhere.

Here's his homepage of sorts:

Uncle River and I have been pals now for a good number of years, but we don't see each other in the flesh much. That's mainly because River lives a dedicated off-the-grid existence, and doesn't travel often. Currently, he's homesteading in Pie Town, New Mexico, and he just sent me this picture of his new living quarters, a cabin which he built himself--mostly without power tools, if I recall correctly.

And here's the man looking suitably pleased and serene.

If you ever thought that today's world precluded a Thoreauvian existence that still allowed one to interact with the larger sphere of culture and commerce, Uncle River's life is proof that you were wrong!

Posted by Paul DiFi.
  • lizhand

At last!

A video even my teenage son says is cool.   NYC artist Jonathan Keller produced this footage of himself aging in realtime over 8 years, from his 20s into his 30s (minus a chunk of days when he was in Antarctica — what, they don't have vidcams down there?).

It's cool, all right, but I gotta say this — from my perspective?  which is, like, 50 years?   This guy's young going in.  And he's still young at the fadeout.