December 24th, 2007

In the meadow we can build an abominable snowman . . .

This rounds out the trilogy of Xmas cards from my friend Susan -- who by the way sends thanks to the L-man for the signed copy of Eternity and Other Stories.   No ambiguous subtexts to decipher in this card!  Here we have another kiddie duo, this time with coats, a black cat in place of the white dog, and a bizarre . . . well, I don't know what that tiny harlequin thing is whose hand Little Boy Blue is holding, but it scares me a lot worse than the snowmen!

Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate this season, if any, here's wishing you a great one!
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High SF Weirdness


In an interview not too long ago, comics writer Grant Morrison downplayed his reputation for wacked and freaky ideas by defering to the naive gonzo concepts of the Golden Age and Silver Age writers. He claimed that comics were much nuttier in the past than they are today.

I sometimes feel the same about SF. I certainly know that I've never conjured up anything as bizarre as this eye-and-mouth living sphere, found in Rog Phillips's "The Despoilers" from the issue of AMAZING depicted above.

[Click to enlarge]

Posted by Paul DiFi.