December 31st, 2007

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Magic catalogue 10

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MUMMY ASRAH: "Visible magic with action and mystery..." Could someone explain what kind of stage magic is NOT visible to the audience?

THE AL D. SEVIA BLADE: Can you imagine having a blood squib concealed on your person when you were selected as a volunteer from the audience, and then screaming and puncturing it when the magician shoved the fake sword into you?

DON ALAN'S COMEDY EGG TRICK: A broken egg turning into candy? Where's the symbolism there? Shouldn't it have turned into a live chick?

SING TOY CHECKERS THRU SILK: This is the same insidious device with which Fu Manchu (pictured above) planned to establish world domination!

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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The Devil and Daniel Webster

I had never seen this classic fantasy film till last night. It holds up remarkably well. I now fully appreciate the parody in THE SIMPSONS, when Homer sold his soul for a donut.

And I especially enjoyed another dose of "Cat Person" Simone Simon.

Posted by Paul DiFi.