February 25th, 2008

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Mutt's "Grouch"

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From LIFE MAGAZINE, 9/11/1939.

This is 'way more information than I ever needed to know about a favorite cartoon character.

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Yes, it's true, nowadays we have handy terms such as "cameltoe" and "muffintop" for certain fashion faux pas that our innocent ancestors never conceived of. But on the other hand, they knew of "gaposis," a handy term which has generally gone out of circulation.

And, ladies, beware: as you can see from the text below, this is not a benign or tittilating condition.

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From LIFE MAGAZINE for 9/11/1939.

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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Dimitri Tiomkin

Deborah and I have chanced to watch a few films fairly close together that were all scored by Dimitri Tiomkin. I finally registered what a great composer he was.

Check out this website devoted to him:


There're lots of great audioclips available.

Here's his Wikipedia entry:


I note that Netflix does not include composer as a search term for its films, so to assemble your own Tiomkin festival at home, you'd have to bop back and forth between his IMDB page and your queue.


To tie in with our previous Dean Martin theme, here's Martin singing a Tiomkin song.

Posted by Paul DiFi.