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Last Night In Yverdon

Sep. 18th, 2008 | 04:23 pm
posted by: lucius_t in theinferior4

 Had dinner last night in Yverdon des Bains with friends Patrick Gyger and Jean Pierre Vaufrey.   Yverdon;s a town with a medieval center (that's where the Maison d'Ailleurs, the science fiction museum is located) in which there is a castle--the whole area is free of cars and has a dramatic central square with lovely, quirky Swiss architecture and a church that's undergoing renovation.  We started out drinking at the Intemporal, a cool little bar that's just a couple of rooms upstairs with a bunch of small tables and straight chairs, a bar tucked into one corner.  Among the things we discussed was the possibility of my doing a musical gig in La Chaux de Fond with locaf musicians.  Kind of my Swiss debut and farewell all in one.   Might be fun to do.  On the way home I was thinking of what to do, and I thought of one song I always wanted to do;  Willy DeVille's Drifteresque ballad, "Just To Walk That Little Girl Home."  I first saw him back in the 70's, when he had escaped from the CBGB's scene.  His band, Mink De Ville, was sandwiched between Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello on Elvis' first American tour.  Much as I liked Costello, Mink DeVille won the night, imo.  DeVille never got as big as he should have  in the States, partly because he abandoned the States for Europe in the late 80s and put out his first few solo albums there.   "Just to Walk That Litte Girl Home" is off Le Chat Blue, the first solo album.  Great vocal performance, 

After the Intemporal we went over to Don Camilio's, this great pizza place and had a few more bottles of wine and food. I don't know if I can get used to American pizza again, this stuff is so good.  Maybe I won't have to.  Here's Willy live at Montreux in 1982:

I'm going down to Ticino next week to see Brendan McConnell and his wife Anna.  Next weekend is the big wine festival in Neuchatel, which is good reason, from all reports, to leave town.  The wrapped-tight Swiss take the lid off their psyches and blow it out.  Everyone gets slammed and there are fights and mass vomitings and etc.  Then on Monday they go back to pretending it never happened and there is no violence in Switzerland.  They apparently have a wine festival in Lucarno as well, but I'll be high above it in the village of Bruzella.  

I've decided to come back to the USA for Xmas and January,  I'll be in NYC for a week, Dec 8-15, and in Portland the rest of the time.  After that, I'm not sure.  I'm scheduled to go to Colombia in early March, in the company of Kelly, Kessel, and etc.  Maybe it would be cool to stay until then. I will eventually come back to Switzerland, but not to Neuchatel, maybe to St. Croix, a nearby village, which has a population rife with artists and such.  But first Malaysia and the Far East.   Anyway, I will be in NYC for the week mentioned and if anybody wants to get together, let's plan on it. 

Here's something Sarah Palin scary:

G' night...

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