December 27th, 2009

Health Care, Part Two

I've been reading about the new health care bill, and it's just made me more confused than ever.  We're lucky we got a health bill at all, some people say -- it's the first socially progressive program since LBJ's Great Society and Medicare.  But it's a terrible bill, other people say.  But it's only the bill in the Senate that's terrible, and that can change that when it merges with the House's bill.  But it forces people to get insurance.  But there are subsidies for people who can't afford insurance.  But it isn't going to control insurance costs, so it's just a giveaway to the insurance companies.  But that can be changed later -- Social Security didn't cover everyone when it was introduced, and it expanded over time.  The important thing is to get a foot in the door, to accustom people to thinking that the government can get involved in health care.

I really don't know what to think about this -- I've gone from disappointed to confused.  I guess I'm hoping that the bill will be changed, if not right away then over time.

Worst Gift Evah!

I received this anonymously for Xmas. At first I thought the culprit might be one of my aussie friends, since the website offering them was australian...

They also sell earrings made from various Australian mammals feces.

...but then I thought it might be someone wreaking vengance for my habit if giving away baby key chains when I first began to publish. Some people have long memories. C'mon, 'fess up if it was you. Giving bad Xmas gifts is a gift in itself. You should be proud and you should welcome retaliation. Anyone else pick up a loser to rival this at Xmas?

Vic Chestnutt, 45, singer/songwriter, committed suicide on Xmas Day. He had been crippled and confined to a wheelchair since youth as a result of an auto accident. His songs were raw, unpolished, but had a way of catching on a corner of your mind and sticking. He had a bit part in the movie Slingblade, as part of Dwight Yoakum's band, and can also be seen performing on Jonathan Smoke, a brilliant documentary about another outsider performer. Most of his clips on youtube make him seem sad, but I found this one, recorded with Victoria Williams, where he actually looked happy:

My collection Viator Plus is now available from PS Publishing and elsewhere...I haven't received copies yet, but when I do I'll have a few to give away...
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Xmas Art

Getting a greeting card that features original art by the sender is the best thing ever at the holidays. Here are the five that Deborah and I received this year. From top to bottom, the artists are:

1) Judith Clute; 2) Jacob McMurray; 3) Jim Woodring; 4) Rick Altergott; 5) Dan Clowes.

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Posted by Paul DiFi.