January 20th, 2010

Well, We're Fucked...

I imagine that's the phrase that many people woke up thinking, what with Brown being elected in MA.  It's definitely a step backward and it sure as hell boggles the mind how anyone with an opposable thumb could have voted for this racist idiot.   But George Bush never had as big a majority as Obama still has and he basically had his way with congress.  And if you look back over the terrain of recent political history, you'll see how quickly things can turn around.  In a year, hey, anything could happen.  For instance some citizen or citizens of MA could experience deep guilt  and remorse and we'd need another special election.  So my advice is don't throw up your hands yet, but keep a bag packed just in case. The Dems and Obama need to grow a spine and act like bullies for a change or they won't get anything done.

More immediately dismaying was a piece I saw on PBS about the Haitian relief effort, showing an airport with American running around all over and people dying for want of supplies a hundred yards away, kept from them by a bloody-minded adherence to some "system' that two old AID farts claimed was the absolute latest fashion in efficiency.  

Also noteworthy, the fact that Hollywood was stepping up to the plate, with many stars donating half-a-million and more, Sandra Bullock leading the way with a million buck donation.   Meanwhile, Wells Fargo Bank donated a hundred K.

Watched a bootleg last night of the awesome psychological thriller The Scouting Book For Boys, featuring Thomas Turgoose, the skinhead kid in the excellent This Is England.  You'll be wanting to see this one when it opens later this year.

This is pretty funny and a quick read, the abridged script for Avatar:


Random stuff...

1. Things not to say to people who don't read fantasy:  I was at a birthday party the other day where the cake had a cartoon of the guest of honor's face on it.  I walked past him and said, "I think I just ate your eyeball."

2. Just finished Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction, which has interviews with Ursula Le Guin, Michael Moorcock, Lewis Shiner, Alan Moore, and others.  Either anarchists like to talk a lot or the interviewer, Margaret Killjoy, is terrific at what she does (or both) -- anyway, everyone here is interesting, talking about writing and activism, telling stories, writing treated as something other than a commodity, different ways of thinking.

3. It's been wild weather here -- there was just a tornado warning about 60 miles south of us.  (Whimper.)