February 22nd, 2010

  • lizhand


I sent this link to John Crowley over the weekend — it reminds me of a bizarre variant on his classic story "Snow."  Has anyone here tried it out?  If so, were you wearing a homemade superhero costume?


In other news, a Vancouver performance art installation I'd love to see funded here in by the NEA:  a working bar where your entrance ticket gets you a pint of locally brewed beer.  Next up:  an installation where a writer is working at his desk, and you buy HIM a beer.


Last Night's Viewing

 I turned on the TV last night to the show formerly known as the winter olympics (AKA America's Greatest Commercials With Some Sports Stuff Now And Then) and there was this French guy wearing leather chaps and a plaid shirt flailing his arms about and doing a sort of jig while this blond in Daisy Duke drag buck-and-winged around him.  They wore so much make up they looked like marionettes.  The event was original ice dancing.  Each successive pair was more ludicrous than the last.   To say it made me embarrassed to be human doesn't even cover it.  I saw myself at the end of a long line of hominids--australo-pithicenes, Neanderthal, Cro Mags--all waiting placidly to enter the extinction chamber.  Having been judged wanting, their template was to be excised from the Book Of Life.  And if that wasn't bad enough...

Have you seen Undercover Boss? It's a truly evil reality show in which a CEO (this week, of 7-11) goes incognito into several of his shops and works for a week, doing the dirt jobs that his employees habitually do.  At the end of the show the CEO gets all misty at the sacrifice of his workers and gives one of them a big present--this is supposed to make us perceive his sorry Republican ass as a caring guy.  He also ferrets out a bad employee whom he attempts to rehabilitate.  He then addresses a  crowd of workers and claims to be forever changed, and says from now on he will run the company from a standpoint of humanism and love.  He's been a bad CEO, but now he'll rule like a philosopher king.  I think it would have been great if he had been found out by out by the workers (he called them his "soldiers") early on and they had impaled his head on a stick above the gates of corporate headquarters.  Maybe they're saving that for the grand finale.

Tilda Swinton is one of my favorite actors.  Her last movie, the film referenced above, was a tour de force.  She was brilliant as the self-deceiving alky.   Her new movie, I Am Love, is one she's been developing for 11 years, sort of Visconti-like epic about a wealthy Italian family.


It looks a bit iffy, but I'm there.  Swinton's range is amazing.  From Orlando to Tim Roth's brutal tale of incest, The War Room, to her androgyne angel in Constantine, etc.  And she's never once let me down.