February 23rd, 2010

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Nude Geriatric Bowling in Maine

A short documentary that aired last night on Maine Public Radio, featuring the Solar Bares, a naturist club whose older members meet regularly at a bowling alley in Southern Maine.  Courtesy of my sister Kath down in Kennebunk; audio from Maine's Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.  As one of those interviewed says, "What else would you do in the wintertime in Maine?"


Here's what I do: my speech as Winter Queen at the Green Man Review.   http://greenmanreview.com/

Also, I read books.   My Washington Post review of Ali Shaw's wonderful novel, The Girl with Glass Feet:

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Inspiration for Sgt. Rock

Last night Deborah and I watched Samuel Fuller's 1951 film, Fixed Bayonets!.


In it, the actor Gene Evans played a character named Sgt. Rock. Here he is, in two shots.

I did a double-take. Surely, I thought, here is the inspiration for Robert Kanigher's famous DC hero, Sgt. Rock, who made his first appearance in 1959.


But some fairly thorough googling on my part reveals no prior linkup between the two fictional characters, whose personalities onscreen and in the comic books are so similar.

Can this very plausible derivation really have been overlooked for fifty years?

Posted by Paul DiFi.

Somebody just get a stake...

What does it take to kill this fucker?  Former VP Cheney, the energizer bunny of war criminals, has just been diagnosed as having suffered another heart attack.  I think that makes his 34,838th.  I don't know, maybe it's an even 35,000.  Whatever.  Of course, thanks to the great health care he takes for granted, and which his party seeks to deny the majority of the rest of us, a few heart attacks here and there are nothing more than an annoyance to this pasty-fleshed tube of venemous lard.