March 2nd, 2010

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Providence at Dusk 7

I seem to recall a maxim by Thoreau, stating, "The sun shines alike on the poor house and the mansion," or words to that effect.

Such is the case with this photo. A gorgeous sunset over Pleasant Street, smack in the middle of an economically distressed minority neighborhood. Pleasant Street sees several murders each year, failing to live up to its name. But they have a great view of the western horizon.

Posted by Paul DiFi.


I tinkered with the true values of the photo so that you could see the details of the street better.

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Another Alice

The BFI (British Film Institute) has just released on Youtube a restored print of the first cinematic version of Alice in Wonderland from 1903.  Interesting for archival value, and I like the children dressed as cards.  But probably Tim Burton doesn't have anything to worry about.

Why is There No Jewish Narnia?

Thanks to Gordon Van Gelder, who sent me a link to this intriguing essay by Michael Weingrad, on why traditional fantasy continues to follow (or wallow in) the Christian/pagan tradition, and why there are relatively few Jewish fantasy writers (but a lot of Jewish SF writers).

      "Faeries do not dance underneath our swaying palm trees, there are no fire-breathing dragons
      in the cave of Machpelah, and Harry Potter doesn’t live in Kfar Saba. But why? Why
      couldn’t Harry Potter have been written in Israel? Why is local fantasy literature so weak,
      so that it almost seems that a book like that couldn’t be published in the state of the Jews?"

— Hagar Yanai, author of a bestselling series of Israeli fantasy novels that includes The Leviathan of Babylon and The Water Between the Worlds (the books haven't been yet been translated or published outside of Israel). 

Leviathan and Behemoth