April 22nd, 2010

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Old Photographer's Card

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I just came across this item when sorting thru some stuff. I thought it a charming reminder, in this age of instant digital photos, of an era when only experts handled a camera properly.

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Empire in Black and Gold

Here's my review of Adrian Tchaikovsky's novel, Empire in Black and Gold, recently published by Pyr.  It's the first in an ambitious fantasy series by a really talented young author.  I'm pretty jaded when it comes to epic fantasy, but I'm genuinely excited about this series.  The whole thing is already out in England, and Pyr is publishing them on an accelerated schedule over here, one every few months.  This review originally appeared in Realms of Fantasy, and as usual thanks to my bosses there for letting me reprint it here.

The second volume, Dragonfly Falling, is even better than first.

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Adrian Tchaikovsky's Empire in Black and Gold (Pyr, New York, trade paperback, 418 pp., $16.00, ISBN: 978-1-61614-192-9), the first novel in the Shadows of the Apt series, marks one of the most accomplished heroic fantasy debuts since Scott Lynch's Locke Lamora. At various times during my reading, I was reminded of Lynch, of China Miéville, of K. J. Parker, and even, underneath it all, holding the novel together and providing its irresistible narrative impulse, Tolkien. Tchaikovsky is not the equal of any of these writers, not yet, but he is smart and talented, and he's got imagination to burn.

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Adios Mclaren

When I talked to Clute a little while ago, he was on the roof patio of his flat in Camden Town, watching Malcolm Mclaren's horse-drawn hearse go past.  Amanda Palmer's's staying at  Chez Clute and took some photos she'll post on her blog later, amandapalmer.net.  Another great party I missed!


Malcolm McLaren funeral