February 28th, 2014

My Tentative FogCon Schedule

Here's my tentative schedule for FogCon, a Bay Area convention to be held March 7 - 9:

Friday, March 7, 4:30 - 5:45:
Fantastical Secret Histories:  Fantasy has a tradition of secret histories: hidden bloodlines with entailments of powers, old grudges that are inconveniently revealed, and age-old prophecies that finally come to bear. What kinds of secrets are more interesting to read about? What about their revelation makes them exciting?
M: Daniel Starr. Lisa Goldstein, Tim Powers, Naamen Gobert Tilahun, Juliette Wade

Saturday, March 8, 3:00 - 4:15:
Building a Magic System with Tim Powers
                                M: Tim Powers. Chaz Brenchley, Lisa Goldstein, Steven Schwartz

The great thing about this last one is that I frequently run into strange historical facts and think, Now there would be a great Tim Powers story.  (Did you know that a book was bound in the skin of William Burke, of Burke and Hare fame, after he was hung?  Or that's what a book I read said -- the Wikipedia entry says it was a calling card case, which seems less interesting somehow.)  On the other hand, the two panels sound very similar, so I hope I can come up with different things to say at each one.