April 17th, 2014

More Lucius

I was looking at stuff about Lucius and was reminded of this letter.  He'd written it for his roommate, who'd wanted to meet me, for the roommate to give me at a convention:

Dear Lisa,

This is to introduce my friend and roommate.  He's a good guy, so sit down and have a drink with him if you've got a moment, OK?

Y'know, I just realized that this could be some incredibly devious ploy utilized by some demented fan in order to get close to the object of his obsession, couldn't it.  All it would take is half an imagination, a passing familiarity with my chicken scratch of a signature, the opportunity, and then the terror could begin.

Oh, well.  Live dangerously...

Yr. pal,

[Chicken scratch of a signature here]