June 21st, 2014

What We've Been Up To

We've been on vacation at a dog-friendly place in Boonville (Northern California), where there was very little to do except walk and read and go out for food.

Our cabin.  Cozy, with living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

But a large backyard.  Bonnie loved it, running around and sniffing things and chasing squirrels.

Doug on vacation

The next-door neighbors.  Seriously, this was pretty spooky.

Even Bonnie finally relaxed.

In fact, I think Bonnie finally learned that she was part of a pack on this vacation.  Because everything was so new and different she wasn't as confident as she is at home, and she stayed closer to us than usual.  She also came when we called her, which isn't something she always does.  She had a fantastic time, but I think she was very happy to get home.  Dogs seem to like routine, or anyway the dogs I've had do.

And one final cute picture of Bonnie: