September 12th, 2014

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In December 2013, I was invited by APT Basilicata, a regional tourist agency of the Italian government, to visit Matera, Italy, with the purpose of getting to know the region and eventually produce a piece of fiction embodying what I had learned. The experience was beyond compare.

Matera is a unique town in a gorgeous region of a splendid country. An ancient place known for its cave houses, the city was full of history, culture and lovely people.

I shot literally 1000 photos, but will only display three here.

Below you see a model of the city on display for tourists for free.


Here's one of the peasant cave dwellings--many of which are now occupied after being beautifully rehabbed to modern standards--set up as a museum.


Here's one angle on the structures that climb the hillsides.


I was hosted by the brilliant guides Dora and Michele Cappiello of the incomparable firm of Ferula Viaggi.

I could write all day about my time in Matera. But instead, I'd like to point you to the story that came out of the experience.

Now available as a free download for the Nook:

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I hope you enjoy the tale that was inspired by Matera, and share some of the wonders of that miraculous city.