September 23rd, 2014

Wonder Woman, Fairy Tales

There's an amazing article in the New Yorker about the creation of Wonder Woman, which apparently involved feminist utopian fiction, polyamory, the suffragette movement, woman working during World War II, and the connection between Wonder Woman's magic lasso and the lie-detector test.  I learned all kinds of things I'd never known or even heard of, like the fact that Margaret Sanger was related to the man who came up with the idea for Wonder Woman -- though I did wonder how, if this was supposed to be a secret, the author of the article managed to discover it.

On another topic entirely, the anthology Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, in which I have a story, is now available as an ebook.  The anthology features retold fairy tales, a series that started with Snow White, Blood Red.

And there should be a third thing here, for symmetry, but I can't think of anything.

Edited to add:  And I just remembered a third thing!  My books are now available to pre-order as ebooks, though they won't be out until October 21.