October 30th, 2014

Over-confidence and Other Stuff

1. So I had to go for jury duty yesterday and one of the questions on their questionnaire was "What languages do you speak?", and for some reason I had a burst of over-confidence and wrote, "English, Spanish."  Fortunately when I turned in the questionnaire they told me they'd filled their quota and I could go home, so my proficiency (or not) was never tested.

2. This week The New Yorker has a story by Tom Hanks.  Man, I miss Lucius -- he could have taken care of that story in half a heartbeat.  It's about four people who build a rocket and orbit around the moon -- I mean, didn't Robert Heinlein write something like this about a million years ago?  And it's told in a dull, deadpan voice, completely wrong for someone who wants to describe the wonders of space.  The voice is so deadpan, in fact, that at first I thought the main character was that staple beloved of beginning writers, the unreliable narrator, but I don't think Hanks is that clever.

3. And Bonnie killed another squirrel.  I know it's something dogs do and it's natural and all of that, but it was heart-rending to hear the squirrel squeal, all the while I was shouting, "No!  Leave it!  No!  Leave it!"  She didn't pay any attention, of course.