Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

The cartoons of Warren Miller

[Click to enlarge, and likewise on cartoons below]

Yesterday I picked up the book depicted above, a 1970 compilation of the cartoons of Walter Miller, longtime artist for THE NEW YORKER.

Surprisingly, Miller has no Wikipedia entry or apparent homepage. But you can learn a tiny bit about him here, at the site of the gallery sponsoring his current show.

And you can see fifteen pages of his cartoons at the Cartoon Bank site:

I eyeballed those fifteen bages speedily and did not notice there any of the cartoons I reproduce below. They all seem more recent. As you might expect from a 1970 book, the cartoons therein make a lot of topical references that have dated. But the artwork remains superb. Enjoy!

This cracks me up very much for some reason. Maybe because I recall my own limited office days.

Money versus culture, an eternal battle. Guess who wins?

How little anything changes.

Truer than ever!

Very Charles Addams!

Note how Miller changes his line to that thin, thin one. I love that explosion of hair.

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