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As a rock-obsessed 14-year-old, I used to lie in my room for hours listening to Slade, "the mother of all bands that never got the credit they deserved," as Joe Queenan amusingly puts it in today's Guardian.,,2223936,00.html

Slayed? and their live album were on constant rotation on my turntable, in particular the live version of the Lovin' Spoonful's melancholy, wistful ballad "Darling Be Home Soon,"  surely one of the more bizarre covers to emerge in the 1970s (I didn't hear the original for another fifteen years).  I don't even remember how I got turned on to Slade — probably by reading about them in Lillian Roxon's Daily News column, or in Creem or Circus Magazine.  I think they were on one of those weekend late-night music shows, like Don Kirschner's Rock Concert and the Midnight Special.

Queenan notes all the other bands that Americans didn't get until later or too late — Love, the Replacements, the Ramones, Graham Parker & the Rumour, the NY Dolls — which raises the interesting question: Is there some sort of DNA for this stuff?
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