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Big Apple 2

I went to see Dirty Projectors at the Bowery Ballroom. A very interesting band. They've taken the lyrics from Black Flag's Damaged album and set them to new music that owes much to Malian harmonies and modal scales, Captain Beefheart-like rhythms, and other esoteric elements. I looked for a clip on Youtube but found nothing representative of what I've heard, which suggests they're a band in creative flux. Anyway, they were very good. Sort of math rock with punk leanings.

Went to several Writers Guild screenings, including Paul Anderson's There Will Be Blood (about which I'll write another day). Saw Juno, which purports to be this years Little Miss Sunshine, written by Diabolo Cody (not her real name), a stripper turned screewriter. This years Little Miss Sunshine is in my view a pejorative phrase, and anyone who didn't like that film should run and hide from this one, which presents us with a witty (purportedly) teenage girl who has been knocked up by Superbad's Michael Cerna and comes damn close to being a testament to the delights of teen pregnancy. Ms Cody is a big wow in Hollywood. I think she'll do very well there, but she's way too commercial for my tastes. Less the female Charlie Kaufman than the new Nora Ephron.

Also saw No Country for Old Men again. I don't get all the praise for this one. While it's good as far as it goes, to my mind it's scarcely a masterpiece. No film with a totally unnecessary character (woody harrelson) can be so described. The art direction is superb, but No Country is essentially another serial killer flick and no amount of literary hoo ha about the death of innocence is going to alter that fact. Javier Bardem has fun with the role of the killer, but Tommy Lee Jones...if I have to watch his Grumpy Old Men schtick one more time, I won't be held responsible for any collateral damage done to the theater.
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