lucius_t (lucius_t) wrote in theinferior4,

Bowl Pool

The last four or five years I've been running a pool for the holiday football bowl games. This year I don't have the time, so Sean Melican has taken over the chore. If you're interested in participating, pop over to my topic on the nightshade books discussion board and look for the bowl pool thread under the subject heading "college football" and follow the instructions. The prizes are books donated by whatever writers participate, and you can get quite a haul by winning.

Speaking of the bowls, allow me to vent briefly on the subject of the BCS, which has made a thorough travesty of the national championship. The old system, which was really no system at all, made for better match-ups in the major bowl games. This year the major games are all potential mismatches. The idea that the universities would lose money if a play-off were instituted is patently ludicrous. Anyway, if you follow the sport, think about this while you're watching USC depants Illinois...
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