lizhand (lizhand) wrote in theinferior4,

"The Distant Music of the Hounds"

Every year, I reread this Christmas essay by E.B. White, another Mainer from Away.

I first discovered it in Jack Newcombe's wonderful and slightly eccentric A Christmas Treasury — I have the 1981 edition, but I believe there's a later one, as well.  It also includes "The Annual Crisis of Love," another piece I reread every year, by Loudon Wainwright, father of the singer Loudon Wainwright and grandfather of Rufus and Martha. 

And somewhere  (I thought it was in Newcombe's book but it's not)  there's a great piece about Christmas on Skid Row by, I think, Ring Lardner.  Every bum gets a free beeksteak, some hooch and a cigar, which sounds just right by me.
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