Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Lesser-known Icons 35

[Madison Avenue wants you to click here!]

* I have to apologize for the third appearance of the Boker Tree Brand Knives here--or do I? Aren't those animated utensils very cute? Wouldn't you smile through your screams as they appeared in your kitchen one night, as in some horror movie, to whittle you away?

* I bet Lesser-Known Icons maven John Crowley will recognize the Carling's Ale Red Cap Man.

* Is that big hayseed touting Vernell's Buttermints releated to Paul Bunyan?

* James Dishwashers: isn't every butler who's not named Jeeves named James?

* Finally, Madison Avenue's deepest koan: why would a company with the powerful and obvious animal symbol attendant on its name--Wolverine--choose a horse/chess piece as its icon instead?

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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