Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Sixties Novels, Part 46

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THE BIG FIX, Roger L. Simon, Straight Arrow Books, 1973

As we saw in our previous entry on Martin Siegel, genre writers responded to the tumult and changes of the Sixties just as deeply as mainstream writers did, and perhaps even faster, always having an eye to trends that would sell books. Today's case is an example of how the Sixties swept over the mystery field. Just reading the back-cover copy illustrates that we're not in Chandler's LA anymore.

The author is almost too well-known to be considered in our string of one-hit wonders. In the entry on Simon in Mike Ashley's THE MAMMOTH ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MODERN CRIME FICTION, Ashley says that the novels in this series form "a chronicle of of American society over the last 30 years." Simon's alive and well and still productive today. Learn more about him here:

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