Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Kaz's Underworld

Do you know the work of the mono-monickered cartoonist dubbed Kaz?

(Photo by David Schow)

If not, you need to remedy this grievous lack by hurrying to the archive for his strip UNDERWORLD.

You'll find here a postmodern, lowbrow, "bigfoot" comic subcreation with such an organic and deep "backstory," featuring such eerily compelling noxious characters, and providing snorting-fluids-through-your-nose laughter that you'll soon be hooked.

But aside from ink on paper, Kaz has been busy with pixels on screens. He was a big creative force behind the long-running cartoon CAMP LAZLO:

But more excitingly, he's now embarked on the pilot of a cartoon show all his own, as we learn at his main website:

Kaz is currently in production on his own original pilot for Cartoon Network called ZOOT RUMPUS, THE JUNKYARD DOG. It's a creative and professional challenge that Kaz is taking on in the spirit of fun and hard work. In case you're wondering, ZOOT RUMPUS is aimed at kids and will be silly and gag filled. Fingers crossed.

Let's hope we see ZOOT RUMPUS onscreen soon!
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