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This Is Getting Tiresome, but let's hear it for Liz... :)

Congrats to Liz for he World Fantasy nom for Best Novella, Illyria, a category in which she's up against (ominous mutter) me for Stars Seen Through Stone.

Here are the nominees:

The winners of the LIfe Achievement Award are:
Leo & Diane Dillon
Patricia McKillip
Territory Emma Bull [Tor]
Ysabel Guy Gavriel Kay [Viking Canada/Penguin Roc]
Fangland John Marks [Penguin Press]
Gospel of the Knife Will Shetterly [Tor]
The Servants Michael Marshall Smith [Earthling Publications]
The Mermaids Robert Edric [PS Publishing]
Illyria Elizabeth Hand [PS Publishing]
"The Master Miller's Tale" Ian R. MacLeod [F&SF May 2007]
"Cold Snap" Kim Newman [The Secret Files of the
Diogenes Club, MonkeyBrain Books]
"Stars Seen through Stone" Lucius Shepard [F&SF July 2007]
Short Story:
"The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics" Daniel
Abraham [Logorrhea, Bantam Spectra]
"Singing of Mount Abora" Theodora Goss [Logorrhea, Bantam Spectra]
"The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After
the Change" Kij Johnson [The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales, Viking]
"Damned if you Don't" Robert Shearman" [Tiny Deaths, Comma Press]
"The Church on the Island" Simon Kurt Unsworth [At Ease with the
Dead, Ash-Tree Press]
Five Strokes to Midnight Gary A.
Braunbeck & Hank Schwaeble, Eds. [Haunted Pelican Press]
Wizards: Magical Tales From The Masters of Modern Fantasy Jack
Dann & Gardner Dozois, Eds. [Berkley]
Inferno: New Tales of Terror and the Supernatural Ellen Datlow,
Editor [Tor]
The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales Ellen
Datlow & Terri Windling, Eds.[Viking]
Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories John Klima,
Editor [Bantam Spectra]
Plots and Misadventures Stephen Gallagher
[Subterranean Press]
Portable Childhoods Ellen Klages
[Tachyon Publications]
The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club Kim Newman [MonkeyBrain Books]
Hart & Boot & Other Stories Tim Pratt [Night Shade Books]
Tiny Deaths Robert Shearman
[Comma Press]
Dagger Key and Other Stories Lucius Shepard [PS Publishing]
Ruan Jia
Mikko Kinnunen
Stephan Martiniere
Edward Miller
John Picacio
Special Award—Professional:
Allison Baker and Chris Roberson for MonkeyBrain Books
Alan Beatts and Jude Feldman for Borderlands Books
Peter Crowther for PS Publishing
Gordon Van Gelder for F&SF
Jeremy Lassen and Jason Williams for Night Shade Books
Shawna McCarthy for Realms of Fantasy
Special Award—Non-professional:
Midori Snyder and Terri Windling for Endicott Studios Website
G. S. Evans and Alice Whittenburg for Cafe Irreal
Stephen Jones, Editor for Travellers in
Darkness: The Souvenir
Book of the World Horror Convention 2007
John Klima for Electric Velocipede
Rosalie Parker and Raymond Russell for Tartarus Press
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