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Viator Plus and Mo' Hate

I had some good news recently.  My rewrite of Viator has found a home as part of a smallish collection to be published by PS late next year.  This makes me feel good, because as I may have stated here, while writing the end of Viator I slipped into a state of clinical depression due to overwork and experienced more or less what my POV character was experiencing, a breakdown of sorts.  I couldn't hold a thought in my head.  Somehow I managed to finish the book, but it was severely truncated and not up to standard.  Once I recovered, I rewrote the ending, adding about twenty thousand words to the project, which makes it clock in at around 65,000 words.  It's probably not what I would have written had I remained healthy in 2004, but it's way closer to what I would have written than the original published text.  Thus I am a happy man.  At least relatively speaking.

Since I'm book pimping a little, here's another review of The Best of...

One Abigail Nussbaum has seen fit to take me to task for my F&SF review of Iron Man, accusing me of, among other sins, mean-spiritedness for my characterization of the fanboy "Darryl."  Nussbaum is apparently a reviewer herself, or perhaps she would prefer the term, "critic."  I was interested in her since one is not generally bashed by other reviewers/critics, but it seems her sensitive nature was inflamed by my mean-spiritedness.  I checked out her blog and found that there are a great number of similarities between myself and La Nussbaum.  She doesn't appear to like very much, for one thing--for instance, she gently shovels dirt over the entire Oct/November issue of F&SF, leaving only Geoff's Ryman's story uncovered, like a toe sticking out of a shallow grave.  The main difference between us seems one of style.  I tend to bury my victims with a whoop and a holler, whereas she does the same with an effete daintiness and a subvoclalized, "Ewww!"  I then read a rather tendentious appraisal of The Dark Knight and several overly long essays on Deep Space Nine.  

People who try to intellectualize their opinions about pop culture piss me off.  The truth is, pop culture is shite and the most effective way to undermine it is to lampoon it viciously.  Giving critiques on Christian Bale's embodiment of the Batman is rather like speculating on why Porky Pig is being mean to Miss Petunia.  

The other main criticism Nussbaum raises is how can I bother to review Iron Man when the Dark Knight should be dominating serious pop culture discussions (?) at this moment in time?  Of course this is the peril of publishing a review in a magazine--one is subject to its lead times.  My review of Iron Man (like many of my reviews) was published online at the time of the movie's release--that should appease her.   She then questions my redundancy, claiming that I offered nothing new as to the overall appraisal of the film.  Well, it's not my purpose to break new ground in film criticism, but to make fun of the movies I detest and praise the movies I like.  However, if Nussbaum were conversant with a fair sampling of my reviews, she would, I think, find some substance there, and while I do not have her encyclopedic knowledge of Deep Space Nine, I would bet that she does not have anything approaching my expertise in kung fu movies...and in several other categories of cinematic experience as well.  :)

At any rate, Abigail Nussbaum, you continue to work your side of the street and I'll work mine.  Peace Out.


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