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Last Night Again

 Sometimes you just gotta kick back, so here's a really awesome action sequence from the movie Chocolate, starring Jeeja Yanin, about an autistic girl with a gift for kicking butt.  You can watch the entire movie on youtube--it's not great, very thin plot, tho it comes from the producers of Ong Bak, but it does show that Jeeja has what it takes to become the female Tony Jaa.  No stunt doubles were used in this film.  

She'd be my vice presidential candidate!  I could really dig a debate between her and Palin.  Palin would do that folksy thing, and the next you know, her spleen would be ruptured by Jeeja's brutal fists.  :)

I watched a Frank Luntz focus group on the debate on Fox News.  Do we really believe those people were equally divided between Bush and Kerry voters?  Where did he dig them up...especially the woman who opined that Palin seemed much more intelligent in everything she said than Biden?  Quick, into the forest and find me a chipmunk!  This woman needs a brain transplant...Stat!  It's depressing to see how many of the pundits are giving her good marks, saying she re-energized the GOP base.  What is that, the GOP base?  I imagine some dark, oily slick that travels through the sewers, making urgly noises, a half-alive group mind that seeks to gratify its strange urges by means of engulfing thrown-away pork sandwiches, assorted slaughterhouse garbage, and old Bible tracts.  Anyway, I guess they're elated because their Sarah (to quote one youtube pundit) "remained standing and didn't piss herself, at least not visibly..."

So I'm off to Yverdon for the opening of the scifi museum's new wing.  Last night I went to the private opening.  Good hordeurves (Sp?) and little pastries and wine.  Some guy was drunk and invaded my private space--I think his name was Badass Toulouse--and that didn't set too well with me, kind of ruined my evening, having to keep on my temper,  But today should be cool.  Got to say Hi to James Guerney, who illustrated the F&SF cover for The Man Who Painted The Dragon Griaule, and whom I hadn't seen in years.  Aside from that, not much happened except I stood outside and smoked and talked to people.  Actually, one guy was kind of interesting, this Swiss guy named Cedric Manyan (Sp?), who had lived in Egypt for a year, something I did myself, though I lived there about fifteen years earlier. It was cool comparing notes as to what had changed about Cairo during those years and since.  He told me about this guy he knew who created many of the forged antiquities that were sold to museums in the US, I\UK, and western Europe.  Apparently the guy signed in work in a very discreet way and he says when he gets very old, he's going to send letters to the museums and confess, essentially giving them the finger.

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