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Hell Hath No Fury ...

... like a nation of Vking's daughters dealing with their country's economic collapse.  The Guardian has had the best coverage I'ver seen of Iceland's financial crisis: here's an article that touches on the possibilty of a distaff bailout — and what would that look like?  I'm planning on going over again in February to research my new novel — too soon for the revolution, probably, but maybe I can help boost the economy.

'Women in Iceland, as elsewhere, are generally more practical than men, they have their feet more squarely on the ground and they study the consequences of the risks they take with greater diligence, says Halla Tomasdottir [president of Audur Capital, a financial services consultancy whose clients are the only ones in Iceland not only to have not lost money in recent months, but to have made some], who on the week I was in Reykjavik gave a speech on the subject that was received with almost evangelical excitement by the 100 influential women present. Among them was Oddny Sturludottir, a Reykjavik city councillor, who emerged from the meeting eyes blazing.

'We are all furious in Iceland but women especially so,' she said. 'We trusted the men at the helm and now we feel fooled, and totally convinced that if it had been women in charge we wouldn't be owing all these billions right now. They talk about the Viking model! What is the Viking model? Rapists and robbers! That's no model for the 21st century.'

And elsewhere in the Guardian, a moving interview with Patti Smith, who just completed an all-night gig with her two children at a Parisian church.  I hope she finally got some sleep, or some coffee ...
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