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A Freeloader's Guide to the Inauguration

"Celebrate Obama With Us On January 20th...

"Ashiyu has four fun patio foot spas, which are mini-spas, which are mini-hot tubs big enough for soaking your feet in.  Normally 5$ per visit, soaks and refreshments are our treat in honor of the wonderful occasion...".

Wow.   Just what I need to break my day, so I'll gladly join the foot-soaking crowd for snacks and drinks, a bunch of gray-haired dudes with ponytails dunking their bunions in the healing waters.  Or wait, it's probably a woman's spa.  No matter.  The ladies and I will salute Our Leader with wheatgrass shakes.

I think I'll start the day at Coopers Coffee--their Obama celebration features discounted caffein drinks and they promise the room will be "full of hope and laughter."  Thereafter it's off to a private home on Lambert St for hard cider and bagels and .  An incredible number of bars and eateries are offering free champagne toasts to "bring in the era of change" and "pay homage to Obama."  Homage?  A bit early for prostration, but these are liberals, not radicals, they belong to and/or sympathize with and have faith e a political party, and it's free champagne, so cut 'em some slack.  Some are offering to show rebroadcasts of the inauguration in Demo-Vision.  It seems a certain giddiness has set in over the Portland area.  

Toward dark, I'll take a break from free drinks and wend my way to Ashiyu for my foot-soaking,  Thus refreshed, I'm ready for the evening and Big Fun.  I decide to skip the Celebration of Change at Charlie's Karoake, though I can do a mean Bryan Ferry imitation with Dylan's "The Times They Are A'Changing."  And I'll definitely give a pass to the official Democratic Party shindig--they're the only ones charging (35 bucks a head) because, I suppose, you get to meet a real live state senator. There are a uite a few rock venues holding events, but they 're also charging; the best I can come up with is the Second Wind Jzz Ensemble--free, but sounds uninspiring.  Instead Alaya Wyndham-Price is renting out the bottom of the Manzana Rotisserie Grill and will offer food and drink while we watch a TIVOed version of the Big Event.  There are so many potlucks and etc. it's difficult to choose among them.  Anna Banana's Cafe is offering free wine drinks and Aysha Ghazoul (lots of women with weird A names--wonder if there's a significance?) is hosting an Inaugural Bash at Zaybon's with drinks and free Middle Eastern appetizers and, of course, a roomful of hope and laughter.   I could "watch the history we created together" at Laughing Planet (which I think is awfully appropriate name for this part of the planet anyway), but they're only offering free chips and salsa and they want a buck for your first glass of champers.  Ah, here's a winner.  A "fun, mid-thirties couple" is hosting a Historical Cocktail Party at their home.  They're new to the area, they say.  An obvious attempt to meet people, perchance to swing. Their address screams money.  "Cocktails and fingerfood upstairs.  Black tie/cocktail attire encouraged."  Were this in my criminal past, I might seize the opportunity, call a few of my less upstanding frriends, rent some  tuxes, and go for the gold (there may be a story there).  But by now, caught up in patchouli R-Rated Mardi Gras atmosphere of it all, I will merely toast our noble leader for the thirtieth time that day and stagger off homewards.  All my cynicism evaporates under the January just past full moon, whose whiteface looks oddly presidential.  Two wine-flavored tears trickle down my cheeks.  For the moment I believe in Him.  I love Barrack Obama.
Kind of an interesting review of the best of Lucius Shepard here,   Positive yet in a kind of snotty, puttdown way.
Saw a really interesting HK film, Metcade Fumaca (Half Smoked).  It's several years old, set in Brazil, concerning triads, but quite different from the usual far.  If interested you can find it cheap online,  It's worth the 10 bucks.  It may be on Netflix, but I doubt it.
Ricardo Montalban, the guy who gave us Fantasy Island, Kham Nooonien Singh of Star Trek Fame, and "rich Corinthian leather," dead at 88.  Also did a a heck of a good 50s boxing movie, Right Cross.

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