Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Antique Cyberpunk Spoof

2009 marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of NEUROMANCER. Wow. That quarter-century sure went fast!

Sometime after the 1986 publication of MIRRORSHADES, I created a two-page broadside that I xeroxed at Kinko's and mailed off to a number of pals. It postulated the humorous fates of the MIRRORSHADES contributors in the far-off year of 2011. Well, none of us might be here in 2011, so I'm going to reproduce the original art now. (Each large page is in two separate files here, being too long for my scanner bed.) The text was typed on my Commodore-128 and printed out on a daisy-wheel printer, then cut and pasted with appropriate found art.

In 1999, I revised this idea for an instance of my F&SF humor column. Here is that iteration:

So we have at least four layers of history here: 1986, 1987, 1999 and 2009.

Life is weird and deep.

Click once, twice or even three times on these images for readability.

Posted by Paul DiFi.
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