paulwitcover (paulwitcover) wrote in theinferior4,

Charles Brown, RIP

Absolutely gobsmacked to see that Charles Brown, the publisher of Locus, has died.  I was just on a panel with him at Readercon, and had a wonderful breakfast with him, Amelia Beamer, David Streitfeld, and Gary Wolfe.  Although I was on a casually friendly basis with him for many years, I didn't get to know him really until I signed on to do book reviews at Locus just over a year ago.  Then, mainly through long and rambling phone calls--he called me from a succession of hospital beds, at odd hours, wanting to know my thoughts about this or that book--I got to know and admire this deeply read, pugnacious, irascible, annoying, amusing, opinionated man.  Charles was such a fixture of the sf world that it's hard to imagine it without him.  I think the last words he said to me, as breakfast was breaking up on Saturday, were, "I'm sorry we didn't get more of a chance to talk about books and reviewing." 

Me, too, Charles.
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