paulwitcover (paulwitcover) wrote in theinferior4,

Indoors with Brian Aldiss

Check out this "little book of mini-sagas" from Brian Aldiss on his website:

Aldiss recently published his long-awaited novel Walcot, which he mentions briefly toward the end of a long interview I did with him (and posted right here!) some years ago about his excellent and very dark dystopian novel, Harm

I can't wait to read Walcot!  And one of these days, when I've got the time, I will reread the entire Helliconia series.  With Ballard gone, Aldiss and Moorcock, and to an extent Harrison, are all we've got left of the leading lights of the British New Wave -- and all three of them are still producing very strong work.

(h/t Marie-Joelle Moll Bouyat)

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