ljgoldstein (ljgoldstein) wrote in theinferior4,

Some Blatant Self-Promotion, and More About Bonnie

1. The blogosphere seems lit up with people posting, “Hey, I got on the Locus recommended list!”, so I guess I’ll follow suit -- “Hey, The Uncertain Places got on the Locus recommended list!”

2. And I see I forgot to mention that the book is also on the Year’s Best list at io9.

3. And more about Bonnie, who’s far more interesting than the same old blatant self-promotion.  She’s been calming down a bit, has stopped biting us and trying to jump up on furniture.  A lot of this is due to the dog trainer’s gift of a spray bottle filled with water.  Lately I don’t even have to spray her, I just point the bottle at her and she stops what she’s doing (and slinks away, looking reproachful.  She’s a very melodramatic dog).  It reminds me of transcripts of the Inquisition I read somewhere -- “The subject was shown the instruments of torture...” 

Seriously, though, she’s shaping up to be a great dog.  She’s getting to the point where she comes when I call her, and when she’s more reliable about that I’ll be able to take her to Point Isabel Dog Park, which I think is the best place in the world, like Disneyland for dogs.

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