ljgoldstein (ljgoldstein) wrote in theinferior4,

Sidewise Awards and Stuff

My story in Asimov's, "Paradise Is a Walled Garden," has been nominated for a Sidewise Award, which is given to stories about Alternate History.  All the nominees are here.  Unfortunately I won't be going to Worldcon in Chicago, where they're giving the awards.

As for Bonnie, she is finally, after six months, figuring out this dog thing -- that we will give her food and walks and the most fun she's ever had, and in return she has to pay attention to what we say.  I don't think she's ever had people who have noticed her so much, either for good or bad.  Now, though, she (mostly) doesn't jump up on people, and doesn't bite me when she's trying to get a toy back, and comes when she's called.  (This is the best one, actually, because it means I can go back to Point Isabel.)  On the other hand she's such a drama queen that she'll occasionally go overboard, so that when we say "No!" she'll sometimes roll on her back and present her stomach in an ecstasy of abasement.

She will still eat anything that's put in front of her, though, and some things that aren't.  A few days ago I gave her a squeaky toy, looked away for a while -- and when I looked back she'd torn it apart and I couldn't find the squeaker.  I didn't dare tell Doug about this, but fortunately a few minutes later she started making squeaky noises, and I pried the squeaker out of her mouth.

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