Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Sixties Novels, Part 26

EROTIC LEGACY, Peter Hochstein, Dell, 1970

Once more, we return to Grove Press as a strange attractor for all things Sixties.

One of their lines was an imprint devoted to Victorian and Edwardian pornography. Probably starting with Frank Harris's memoirs in 1966.

For more on the fascinating Harris, visit here:

This line went on to include A MAN WITH A MAID, a book I stealthily lifted from the high shelf in my parents' clothes closet, many a time.

These Grove Press books helped legitimize the appearance of softcore porn novels--formerly the domain of small fly-by-night companies, and sold under various counters--from mainstream publishers like Dell, who would never before have considered printing such things. You can see the ripoff in the styling of Hochstein's book's cover, and the tagline, "A Man and Many Maids."

Of Hochstein, the net reveals little. Just another faded hack. His other novel on Abebooks had a pretty funny title, though: THE FATAL FETISH.

The novel itself is pretty typical of its genre. Full of redundancies to pad it out: "...her huge, firm breasts pressing firmly into my chest. I slipped my hand into the opening of her blouse. Her flesh was firm...."

And then of course there's the legendary use of odd synonyms for private parts.

"Then she brought her face down over my hydrant."

"The first jet of passion throbbed through my hydrant and into her socket."

Does the firemen's union know about this?
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