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Just back from a full weekend of panel discussions, convivial conversations, and Irish car bombs.  Inferior 4 member Lucius Shepard, as one of two Readercon guests of honor (the other being Karen Joy Fowler), figured prominently in all of the above.  I had the pleasure of being on a panel devoted to the Shepard ouevre, with Michael Swanwick, Graham Sleight, and moderator John Langan.  All perspicacious critics but none of whom could say, like Yours Truly, that a character bearing his name had appeared in a Shepard story . . . and suffered a punch in the eye for his trouble.  A special Inferior No-Prize to anyone who can name that story!

One of the things we agreed on about Lucius's work was how, whether it's ostensibly science fiction or fantasy, it all seems set in a coherent universe -- a universe determined less by any conventional world-building than by a kind of stringent moral vision . . .  Is it coincidence that, in a certain light, or perhaps shadow, Lucius resembles Dostoevsky?

Herewith a selection of pictures from the weekend!

Robert Wexler, The Incredelman Hulk, Elizabeth Hand

The Malzbergs, Barry and Joyce, after the announcement of the Cordwainer Smith Award winner, Daniel F. Galouye.  Can a man with an entry on Wikipedia still be eligible for the Cordwainer Smith Award?  Apparently so.  But a moment of silence please for those sf writers so thoroughly forgotten that no electronic trace remains -- the Unknown Soldiers of SF.

Greer Gilman and John Clute

Michael Cisco, who gave a terrific reading from his new novel, The Traitor, which should be available any day now!

Ellen Datlow and Nathan Ballingrud.

F. Brett Cox.  Along with Robert Wexler and Your Humble Etc., a charter member of the Gray Goatee Club.

Jeff Ford, Liz Hand, and Two Irish Car Bombs.  Holy crap!

Jeff Ford prepares to interview Lucius.  

A mite dark . . . but Happy 70th, Charlie Brown!  As "eccentric genius" Eric Van peers out from the shadows . . . 

Kathryn Cramer and Michael Swanwick

Michael Swanwick attacked by his own hand! The horror!!

More Irish Car Bombs.  The victims: Gulliver Shepard and Rob Kilheffer.

I really like this picture of me and Liz, taken by Ellen Datlow.  Yes, that is an Inferior 4+1 t-shirt that Ms. Hand is wearing!  This photo and many more from Readercon can be seen on Ellen's excellent Flickr site.  

More to come tomorrow . . . 

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