Paul Di Filippo (pgdf) wrote in theinferior4,
Paul Di Filippo

Scrambled authors

Paul DiFi here, stepping in briefly to introduce my pal Phil Stephensen-Payne, noted scholar, who has some literary puzzles for us. I'll let Phil explain further. Take the stage, Phil!

I thought you might enjoy deciphering the author names in Walter Moers' THE CITY OF DREAMING
BOOKS, which I just finished reading. Many are obvious anagrams of
famous authors (and their books), while others seem to be fabricated
for effect, and a large number inbetween could well be either.

So here's the full list and I welcome all and sundry to identify as
many of the anagrammatized authors as possible,

Phil S-P

Dancelot Wordwright - The Joy of Gardening
Doylan Cone - Sir Ginel
Caliban Sycorax - Tiger in my Sock
Drastica Sinops - The Shaven Tongue
Yodler van Hinnen - Hard Beds and Soiled Sheets
Ivan Palisade-Honko - A Village Named Snowflake
Parsifal Gunk - Life is More Terrible Than Death
Semolina Edam - The Ant Drum
Zodiak Glockenspiel - The Glass Guest
Hampo Harribin - The Dog That Only Barked Backwards
Gopak Trembletoes - Lemon Icing
Ogdon Ogdon - Pelican in Pastry
Fantotas Pemm - The Truth Drinker
Kaira Prudel - Forest and Folly
Marduk Bussek - Valley of the Lighthouses
Mantho Snam - Sorcery in the Alps
Aurora Janus
Aleisha Wimpersleake (the undisputed colossus of Zamorian literature)
Sebag Seriosa - The Damp Denizens
Ektro Backwater - Where the Sea Wall Ends
Colophonius Regenschein - The Catacombs of Bookholm
Sarto Iambicus - The Ill-Starred Chamber
Vappid Rhymester - Drunk on Moonlight
Hyldia Playtanner - Blind Flamingo
Hermo Phink - Princess Daintyhoof
Sandro Trockel - The Illiterate series
Monken Maksud - Beacon in the Gloaming
Looba Gordag - How to Foretell the Future by Interpreting Nightmares
Count Klanthu of Kinomaz - Silence of the Sirens
Hethelbem Deroh - Infanticide
Rabocca Orkan - Air Face
Rimidalv Vokoban - Love and the Generation Gap
Goliath Ghork - Thanks But no Thanks
Perla la Gadeon - The Burning of Bookholm
Inka Almira Rierre - Comet Wine
Dolerich Hornfielder
Bethelzia B. Binngrow
Ydro Blorn
Rashid el Clarebeau
Melvin Hermalle
Ugor Vochti - The Midgard Saga
Elo Slooty
Navi Charvongo
Rasco Elwid
Hornac de Bloaze
Gramerta Climelth - Gone with the Tornado
Asdrel Chickens
Daurdry Pilgink
Trebor Snurb
Carmel Stroup
Esphalon Teduda
Ergor Banco - the so-called Doctor Mirabilis
Wamilli Swordthrow
Honj Steak
Auselm T. Edgecroil
Samoth Yarg
Selwi Rollcar
Weddar Rale
Gofid Letterkerl
Lugo Blah - a prominent Zamorian Gagaist
Bamuel Courgette - Screams from a Sarcophagus
Nector Nemu - Clammy Hands
Bronsar Morello - The Cloud Cuckoo
Arlon Dumpsey - Recollections of the Day after Tomorrow
Nestroket Krumpf - A Pig in My Poke
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