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Altergott news

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Yesterday Deborah and I belatedly made time to visit with our pals Rick Altergott and Ariel Bordeaux, for the purpose of greeting L'il Eddie for the first time since his birth two months ago. We found the family hale and hearty and cheerful, as could only be expected with such a grand addition. My suggestion that we ascertain Edwin's inherited drawing talents by sticking a sharpened pencil in his strong baby grip was, for some non-obvious reason, rejected by both horrified parents with inexplicable comments about poked-out eyes. But Rick suspects the baby's left-handed like his Dad.

We also caught up with some exciting news about new projects.

The fifth issue of RAISIN PIE is due out soon.

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This issue does not yet appear to be up at the Fantagraphics site:

But you could purchase it here:

And Rick has done the cover for Gilbert Hernandez's first novel!

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This book requires some explanation. In LOVE & ROCKETS, our gal Fritzi (that's her in the red dress) has a flourishing career as a B-movie actress. Her films have been cited by title in L&R strips time and again. Now Gilbert is writing the books those films were made from! A whole series of novels across many exploitation genres, of which this is the first.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me!
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