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The Hugos: Some Final Thoughts

I learned from looking around the web that I'd been on a panel with Larry Correia at that infamous Worldcon in Reno where he said that people were rude to him.  I don't remember any of it, not because the panel was so unmemorable, or because Correia was, but because I have a terrible memory.  I hope I was civil to everyone, though.  For one thing, I try to be polite, and for another, I'd hate to be even a tiny cause of the Sad Puppies slate.
I expected to get some pushback from trolls here, but very few of them seemed to want to bother, which was pleasant.  The most controversial thing I wrote turned out to be that I don't think first-person POV characters should die while they're narrating the story.  Who knew?

On the other hand, I heard that Vox Day had written something about one of my posts, so I donned my hazmat suit and went over to his blog.  His comment seemed to consist of copying my post and then telling his followers that they were winning.  I guess he was hoping the followers would trash me, and of course they hastened to oblige.  One of them called me "Jewy McJewison," and it devolved from there, to the point where they were paraphrasing Mein Kampf.  (And please don't quote Godwin at me -- I mean literally paraphrasing Mein Kampf.)  Stay classy, guys.
I don't think, as so many do, that the Hugos have been destroyed.  Sure, there will be several No Awards this year -- but it also looks as though the Business Meeting will vote some sort of system in place so non-Puppies can get some choices on the ballot.  The way I understand it, the new rules will take two years to implement, so next year will probably see some No Awards as well, but then the Hugos will get back to doing what they're supposed to be doing, which is honoring the best work of the year.  Ten years from now people will look back and be amazed at all the fuss.  And Vox Day will tell his followers they're winning.

I realize this scenario is pretty optimistic.  It assumes that most of the people who joined Worldcon after the ballot came out did so because they wanted to push back against the Puppies -- but of course the opposite could be true, and the new members are responding to the Puppies' calls instead.  My feeling comes partly from reading around the internet and partly from earlier indicators, like the fact that last year Vox Day finished dead last, under No Award, for his story.  People can generally figure out what's going on, if they're given all the facts.

There's also the fact that sf fandom isn't like a lot of other fandoms.  People are passionate about this stuff.  A lot of people read mysteries, for example, but there are relatively few mystery conventions and people don't go around dressed up as Sam Spade or Kinsey Millhone.  When there's something readers love as much as science fiction they will work hard to hold on to it.  The Puppies tried to import US culture wars into sf but it was a bad fit -- it requires a sense of grievance, a resentment that other people are taking away something you think is rightfully yours.  The Puppies certainly have that sense, but I don't think most other fans do.  They just want to read books and then geek out about what they read.
Oh, and if anyone's still wondering, I'm voting No Award on all the short fiction.  A couple of them weren't bad, but, as someone said somewhere, Hugos aren't graded on a curve.
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