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Irene Gallo

I didn't want to write about Irene Gallo because I thought the whole mess would blow over in a day or two.  She said something insulting (though possibly true), she apologized, and that should have been the end of it.  Of course it never is, and now some idiots want her fired.

The first time I became aware of Gallo was -- well, have a look at this cover, which my editor sent me for my book Summer King, Winter Fool.  (Click to enlarge -- or don't, it's kind of awful Enlargementing doesn't seem to be working.)

My first impression was that I had never seen anything so amateurish in my life.  When I could arrange my thoughts rationally again I wrote my editor with the following points: 1. Orange and pink never look well together. 2. A book with "Winter" in the title should not have a giant sun hovering in the background. 3. The line the main character is standing on does not match up with the background. 4. The main character's, um, package seems oddly emphasized for no reason.

I knew that artists didn't come cheap, and that there was no way Tor could commission another cover.  I despaired … and then I got this cover in the mail.  (Click to enlarge)

I couldn't believe how terrific it looked, especially considering what they had to work with.  Of course I asked who had managed this magical transformation, and I was told it was the Tor art director, Irene Gallo.

Rather than firing her, as the Puppies are demanding, I think they should make her queen of the universe.
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