ljgoldstein (ljgoldstein) wrote in theinferior4,

A Report from the Field about the Purported Tor Boycott

The pouting about Irene Gallo has reached the point where the Rabid Puppies have called for a boycott of Tor books, which was supposed to have started last Friday.  In response, other people have gone out of their way to buy Tor books on Friday, in support of Gallo and Tor.

I was in Dark Carnival Bookstore yesterday and asked the owner, Jack Rems, if he'd noticed any slacking off of people buying Tor books.

"Nope," he said.

What about people going out of their way to buy Tor books?


"What do you think of the Hugo nominations?" I asked.

"They were nominated by puppies, or something?"

And one final word from Jack: "People don't buy books from publishers, they buy books from authors."
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